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Rellik66 Rellik66 4 September 2013

All updates are on hiatus

From the Taptitude Facebook page:

"Taptitude is currently on a hiatus from updating and messaging (including facebook/riddles). The last message you should have received was on 8/18"

No mention of why or how long this is expected to last, which is a bit unsettling. But at least something official was said.

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Rellik66 Rellik66 26 August 2013

Late Sunday Redeem Riddles

Seems like this is the second week in a row that the Sunday redeem riddle has been late.  No official explanation from what I can tell.

I also have had a late Taptitude Tuesday redeem code in the past as well.

You'd think these are things that should be automated, but from the looks of it, the FourBros manually do the update and sometimes Real Life™ can get in the way.

UPDATE: Monday is almost over and still no riddle.  Tomorrow is Taptitude Tuesday, it will be interesting if they post the Tuesday code to Facebook or not.

UPDATE 2: Tuesday is now almost over, and there is no sign of Sundays riddle, and now the Tuesday's Facebook code is AWOL as well.  A lot of comments and concerns on Facebook, but no official response has been made.  Hopefull…

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Rellik66 Rellik66 18 August 2013

Taptitude 11.6 update

Hey look, it's my first blog post!

So Taptitude has a new update, the changelog is pretty simple:

  • New game: Moon Miner!

A fairly entertaining game that is different enough from Coin Miner to hold your attention.  Much like Coin Miner, purchasing all the upgrades makes getting 5 stars and most of the game stats pretty trivial.  In fact it's a little less tedious as far as stats go, (deepest dig anyone?)

Not mentioned in the changelog are 3 new craftitude items, , , and . Found in the mining category and used as consumables in Moon Miner, these have a pretty high CP cost due to the use of a , they can be found in Moon Miner though.

Also rather than retire 2 games, the FourBros decided to add another tier to a total of 11 tiers, as a result they b…

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DigiTecno DigiTecno 5 March 2012

Poll Results - What platform do you want to see Taptitude on Next?

It is pretty clear the Taptitude community is in hefty support of 4Bros Studios continuing to evolve their Windows Phone game. At the time of this post only 1 person had voted for either of iPhone or Android and 9 people had voted for the Windows Phone.

While I can't speak for 4Bros I think they know where their major fan base it as. If they do move to other platforms in the future it'll have to be in addition to supporting their huge Windows Phone following.

You can continue to vote even after the official close, but I don't think the numbers will change. Maybe we'll try another round in a few months to see if minds have changed!

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DigiTecno DigiTecno 27 February 2012

Amazing Progress on Craftitude

It was only a few days ago when the crafting system was released. Now looking back at the pages nearly all of the recipes are up and all of the data present. Hard to believe that in just a few short days the community accomplished such a massive feat. It is also fun to look at the immense amount of traffic on Twitter with everyone posting their newest recipes there.

FourBros is going to have a time staying ahead of such a dedicate fan base.

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