Coins are the common currency in Taptitude.

Coins can be earned many ways:

  • Playing games that feature coins.
  • Selling unused consumable upgrades.
  • Selling Craftitude craft items.
  • Purchasing the Star Power upgrade.
  • Purchasing the Bling upgrade in some games.
  • Daily Rewards
  • Facebook Tuesdays redeem codes
  • Sunday Redeem Riddles

Types of coins

  • Coin = 1xCoin
  • Lowstakes = 5xCoin
  • Upthestakes = 25xCoin
  • Diamond = 100xCoin

Best ways to earn many coins

  • Fish Feeder
    • Sparkles, Horsey, and Golden Guppies drop diamonds (100xCoin) fill an aquarium with them, and use beta/ninja fishes to collect the poops.
    • Selling Horseys and Golden Guppies after ~51 days will net 10,000,000xCoin each.
  • Craftitude
    • High value crafts can be sold (ie Golden Birth Pills and Cities)
    • Any crafts not used in other crafts or in other games should be sold.
  • Coin Miner
    • Purchase the following upgrades:
      • Angel's Pick Axe (Shovel, Devil's Axe and Diamond Axe also work)
      • Diamond Armor
      • Lucky Charm
      • Permanent Magnent
      • Permanent Detonator
    • ...And get digging, as the miner progresses downward, diamonds will become the norm.
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