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{{IngredientPageExtended|bacteria|Bacteria|Creatures|930|60|324|7|drawtriangle|N/A|A primitive but extremely abundant life form.}}
{{IngredientPageExtended|bacteria|Bacteria|Creatures|930|60|324|7|Draw a Triangle|Collect Dodge|A primitive but extremely abundant life form.}}
==Crafting Relationships==
|align="center" width="50%"|Consumes
|align="center" width="50%"|Used In
|align="left" width="50%"|[[image:Craftitude_ingredient_nature.png|link=Crafting Ingredient Nature|Nature]][[image:Craftitude_ingredient_water.png|link=Crafting Ingredient Water|Water]]
|align="right" width="50%"|[[image:Craftitude_ingredient_worm.png|link=Crafting Ingredient Worm|Worm]]
[[Category:Craft Result]]

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Crafting Ingredient, Creatures, Bacteria

A primitive but extremely abundant life form.


Crafting Category Creatures
Item Cost 930
Craft Points 60
Total Craft Points 324
Graph Depth 7

Crafting Relationships

Consumes Used In
NatureWater Worm


Craft Count The total quantity of this upgrade that you have ever crafted. Bronze Badge 3
Silver Badge 10
Gold Badge 50
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