Craftitude ingredient goldenguppy

Crafting Ingredient, Fish, Golden Guppy

A major status symbol in the world of fish collecting.


Crafting CategoryFish
Item Cost953733
Craft Points3869
Total Craft Points52051
Graph Depth14

Crafting Relationships

Consumes Used In
Craftitude ingredient horseyCraftitude ingredient horsey Craftitude ingredient goldenbirthpill 

Games Used In

Fish Feeder Notes

  • Craftitude ingredient biterBiter and Craftitude ingredient ninjaNinja do not eat Golden Guppies, too metallic for their tastes.
  • Craftitude ingredient horseyHorsey give birth to Golden Guppies with the aid of Craftitude ingredient goldenbirthpillGolden Birth Pill
  • Sells for Coinx10,000,000 after approximately 51 days in the tank.


Craft Count The total quantity of this upgrade that you have ever crafted. Badge bronze 3
Badge silver 10
Badge gold 50
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