Craftitude ingredient horsey

Crafting Ingredient, Fish, Horsey

The peak of fish evolution?


Crafting CategoryFish
Item Cost317911
Craft Points2001
Total Craft Points24091
Graph Depth13

Crafting Relationships

Consumes Used In
Craftitude ingredient biterCraftitude ingredient daddy Craftitude ingredient goldenguppy

Games Used In

Fish Feeder Notes

  • Eats Craftitude ingredient sprinklesFish Sprinkles
  • Drops Diamond every 3 seconds
  • Hunger in 1 day, 18 hours
  • Starves in 7 days
  • Upgrades from Craftitude ingredient biterBiter or Craftitude ingredient daddyDaddy, requires 28 days, 2800XP and Coinx1,000,000
  • Sells for Coinx10,000,000 after approximately 52 days in the tank.


Craft Count The total quantity of this upgrade that you have ever crafted. Badge bronze 3
Badge silver 10
Badge gold 50
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