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Take care of your fish, and your fish will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! Come back every day to feed your fish when they are hungry so that they don't die. You can have up to 100 fish in your tank.


  • A 30d old Daddy fish is worth a quarter million coins.
  • Fish don't drop loot if they're hungry.
  • Some fish collect coins while you're away. Come back before they starve to collect the loot.
  • Use the inspector tool to discover what your fish need.
  • Your fish live on while you're not playing. Be sure to come back soon to feed them.
  • Fish have different tastes. Some eat sprinkles, some eat pellets, and some eat other fish.
  • You can have at most 100 fish in your tank
  • If you don't like a fish, you can always downgrade it and try a different type.
  • Use the collector tool to pick up loot that your fish drop.
  • This game is sponsored by slinkmaster. 'Ninjas and Daddies and Seahorses oh my!'


Fish Feeder Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Loot Collector

When selected, allows you to collect loot by tapping on the screen.

Use this tool when you need some quick cash.

Free Collect

When selected, allows you to inspect fish details by tapping on the screen.

Use this tool to track progress, buy upgrades, and to sell fish.

Free Inspect

Fish Sprinkles

When selected, allows you to feed fish by tapping on the screen.

Use this tool when you see a chicken wing icon near a fish.

Not all fish likes to eat sprinkles.

Craftitude ingredient sprinkles
Fish Pellets

When selected, allows you to feed fish by tapping on the screen.

Use this tool when you see a chicken wing icon near a fish.

Not all fish likes to eat pellets.

Blue Birth Pill When fish are in labor, give them this pill to help them give birth. Coinx3,000
Craftitude ingredient bluebirthpill
Golden Birth Pill

When a horsey fish is in labor, feed them this pill to help bring a golden guppy into your tank.

This pill is very expensive, so be sure to drop only when the horsey fish is in labor, or you could waste it!!

WARNING: Mommy fish don't like golden birth pills.

Craftitude ingredient goldenbirthpill
Phoenix Down

Revives starved fish.

Fish come back with 50% of their previous experience, but it's better then being dead!

Only the last 50 fish to starve can be revived.

Craftitude ingredient phoenixdown
Fish Baggie

Allows you to drop crafted fish into your tank.

Play Craftitude to create each type of fish from raw ingredients.

Seaweed Add this decoration to your fish tank to give it a more natural look Coinx500,000
Star Fish Add this decoration to your fish tank to give it a more exotic look. Coinx5,000,000

General Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Auto Submit Auto Submit can be purchased for each game, and once enabled your scores in this game will automatically be submitted to local and online leaderboards. Coinx250
VIP Pass VIP Pass can be purchased for each game and when it is enabled you get to skip the countdown before playing that game! Coinx500
Star Power Star Power increases the coins earned per star when completing this game. Instead of getting 5 coins per star, you will get 250 coins per star. Coinx15,000


StarStarStarStarStar2,000 points
StarStarStarStarStardim1,000 points
StarStarStarStardimStardim500 points
StarStarStardimStardimStardim200 points
StarStardimStardimStardimStardim100 points


Play Time

How much time have you put into Fish Feeder?

Probably not enough!

Only spent time in game is counted, hanging out in the menus doesn't count.

Badge bronze 15m 0s
Badge silver 30m 0s
Badge gold 1h 0m 0s
Games Played

The number of times you have played Fish Feeder since purchasing this stat

You must finish a game for it to count.

Cost: Coinx1,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 10
Badge silver 50
Badge gold 150
Oldest Fish

The oldest fish that you've had in your fish tank.

Badge bronze 7 days
Badge silver 21 days
Badge gold 60 days
Drops Collected

Collecting Droppings is your job! Every time you collect a dropping this stat goes up.

Badge bronze 500
Badge silver 2,500
Badge gold 10,000
Most Fish

The most fish you've had in your fish tank at one time

Cost: Coinx2,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 10
Badge silver 25
Badge gold 50
Babies Born

Every time a fish gives birth to a baby fish, this stat increases.

Cost: Coinx5,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 10
Badge silver 50
Badge gold 250
Fish Eaten

Every time a fish is eaten by another fish, this stat increases.

Cost: Coinx10,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 10
Badge silver 50
Badge gold 250
Most Golden Guppies

How many Goldn Guppies can you collect in your tank at one time?

Cost: Coinx100,000 or Creditx10

Badge bronze 5
Badge silver 10
Badge gold 50

Other Fish Feeder Info


Here is a list of the fish in Taptitude.

The table shows what each fish eats, how often you need to feed it to keep it producing loot, and how long you can leave it until it starves to death. If a fish is 'Hungry', it will not do drop loot and not collect it either. If it 'starves', it is dead (can be revived using 'Phoenix Down', at the cost of 50% of its previous XP). Fish that eat Jokers or Guppies will obviously require a steady supply of these, which will slow your population growth.

The table also shows the cost, minimum age and XP to upgrade to each given fish. You can reduce the upgrade time listed by 20% by buying the High Metabolism Trait. The cost of downgrading a fish is 250 coins, with no experience or time requirement. Downgrading from Joker to Guppy costs 100 coins, but it's unlikely you'd ever want to do this.

In addition to the information in the table, note:

Mommy fish can give birth to a Guppy every 24 hours, they will show 'in labor' when this is possible. In order to make this happen, feed them a blue pill.

Horsey fish can give birth to either Joker or a Golden Guppy every 12 hours. In order to give birth to a Joker, feed a blue pill, and to give birth to a Golden Guppy, feed with a golden pill.

The table shows what kind of loot each fish drops, and how many seconds between drops. The value of the different loot types are:

Coin - 1 coin

Lowstakes - 5 coins

Upthestakes - 25 coins

Diamond - 100 coins

Daddy drops a selection of items, the most common of which are health, stamina and magic potions, double jumps, treasure keys, and auto scribbles. Less common are 'draw one', hint, and slow mo. Rarer still are mega scribble, auto drill, mega drill, remote detonator and magnets. On average each item dropped is worth around 150 coins to sell (double to buy). All-in-all given that you almost certainly won't use all the items, you're better off with a fish that doesn't require feeding with jokers twice-daily.

Betas and Ninja fish are both loot-collecting fish, and will earn you coins when the game is running (providing they are not hungry). Ninjas collect loot faster than Betas.

Name Eat Loot Loot drop time HungryHungry StarveDeath U/g from U/g to U/g days U/g xp U/g Coin
Guppy Craftitude ingredient guppy Craftitude ingredient sprinkles Coin 3s 18hr 3 days n/a Joker n/a n/a n/a
Joker Craftitude ingredient joker Craftitude ingredient pellets


3s 12 hr 2 days Guppy Beta Mommy 0 50 0
Beta Craftitude ingredient beta Craftitude ingredient sprinkles Craftitude ingredient pellets n/a n/a 1 day 4 days Joker Daddy Sparkles 1 100 250
Mommy Craftitude ingredient mommy Craftitude ingredient pellets LowstakesUpthestakes 5s 6 hr 1 day Joker Biter Ninja 3 300 2,000
Sparkles Craftitude ingredient sparkles Craftitude ingredient pellets Diamond 8s 6 hr 1 day Beta n/a 10 1000 15,000
Daddy Craftitude ingredient daddy Joker items 10s 12 hr 2 days Beta Horsey 21 2100 150,000
Biter Craftitude ingredient biter Guppy UpthestakesDiamond 5s 10 hr 2 days Mommy Horsey 6 600 5,000
Ninja Craftitude ingredient ninja Guppy Craftitude ingredient sprinklesCraftitude ingredient pellets 6s 1 day, 12 hr 6 days Mommy n/a 15 1500 45,000
Horsey Craftitude ingredient horsey Craftitude ingredient sprinkles Diamond 3s 1 day, 18 hr 7 days Daddy or Biter n/a 28 2800 1,000,000
Golden Guppy Craftitude ingredient goldenguppy Craftitude ingredient sprinkles Diamond 3s 4 hr 30 min 18 hr n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Fire Elemental Fish Craftitude ingredient fireelementalfish Craftitude ingredient pellets Craftitude ingredient fire 6 hr 1 day Joker n/a 2 200 1,000
Water Elemental Fish Craftitude ingredient waterelementalfish Craftitude ingredient pellets Craftitude ingredient water 12s 6 hr 1 day Mommy Air Elemental 5 400 2,000
Earth Elemental Fish Craftitude ingredient earthelementalfish Craftitude ingredient pellets Craftitude ingredient earth 6 hr 1 day Beta n/a 8 600 4,000
Air Elemental Fish Craftitude ingredient airelementalfish Craftitude ingredient pellets Craftitude ingredient air 6 hr 1 day

Water Elemental

n/a 7 600 4,000


Experience allows your fish to level up. Your fish must reach the required experience level in order to level up, here's how to do it.

Eating: +25xp

Fish collecting any kind of poop (coin, diamond, etc.) (Ninja and Beta only): +1xp

Giving birth (Mommy, Horsey): no XP

Having you collect one of their poop (no XP if Ninja or Beta collect it): +1xp

Fish Traits

Once a fish has enough experience, a trait may be "purchased".

Fish trait Description Cost
Speed demon Fish swims at double speed. Useful for loot-collecting fish. 100xp
High metabolism

Fish can level up at a 20% younger age, but get hungry/starve 20% more quickly. Hunger effect cancelled out by Anorexia.


Fish gets hungry/starve 25% less quickly, but don't gain any XP when they eat.

Clock Bubbles

Fish also poops clock bubbles for added time. Bubbles must be popped by the player, not a beta/ninja.

Surge Bubbles

Fish also poops bubbles that can be popped by the player only, in order to stimulate the fish to create extra poop. Doesn't work on betas. Works on Ninjas because Ninjas drop food.

Keen eye

Fish collects loot at double the usual rate when the game is inactive (only active for betas & ninjas).


Fish Feeder Strategy

Main article: Fish Feeder Strategy
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