How To Play


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Nom all the coins to clear the stage. Avoid getting nom'd by the ghosts. Nom a diamond to power up - then you can nom the ghosts!


  • Head Shaking: The squares determine which way to turn, in part, by which direction Nom-Man is facing. Nom-Man can change direction anytime, but the squares cannot.
  • Steve's words of wisdom: When squares change their behavior they usually change direction. This can be a warning.
  • The squares are named Winky, Slinky, Dinky and Spaz. They may seem similar, but they each have distinct personalities.
  • Winky is the red square. He is agressive, and will usually rush towards Nom Man.
  • Brandon's Pro-Tip: Twice each level a bonus symbol will appear under the square base for a few seconds. This is a Taptitude upgrade and is worth points.
  • Dinky is the light blue square. He isn't very creative and tries to coordinate with Winky to team up against Nom Man.
  • Spaz is the brown square. He is unpredictable and seems reluctant to come too close to Nom-Man.
  • Tyler Says: The more squares you nom after nom'ing a powerup-diamond, the more points you get. Nom all 4 squares with all 4 diamonds to get even more bonus points.
  • Squares emerge from their home after you've nom'd a certain number of coins - or if enough time goes by without you nom'ing any coins.
  • Tunneling: The tunnel to the left and right wraps around. Squares move slower in the tunnel, but Nom-Man moves at his usual speed.
  • Cornering: Nom-Man can cut corners a little faster than the squares. Use this to outmaneuver them. Try to turn before you get to an intersection.
  • Slinky is the pink square. He is sneaky, and will try to get in front of Nom Man to block his path.
  • You receive an extra life for the first 10,000 points you score.


Nom-Man Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Tap Controls Control Nom Man by tapping in the direction you want him to go. Tap to the left of Nom Man to make him go left. Tap to the right of NomMan to make him go right. Free Collect
Swipe Controls Control NomMan by swiping in the direction you want him to go. Swipe left to go left. Swipe right to go right. It doesn't matter where on the screen you swpie. Coinx1,000
Classic Map Play just the original Mon-Man maze Free Classic
Map Pack #1 Adds 3 more mazes, and some variations on the color scheme to Nom-Man Coinx10,000
1-Up Nom Man starts with one additional life. Coinx100,000

General Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Auto Submit Auto Submit can be purchased for each game, and once enabled your scores in this game will automatically be submitted to local and online leaderboards. Coinx250
VIP Pass VIP Pass can be purchased for each game and when it is enabled you get to skip the countdown before playing that game! Coinx500
Star Power Star Power increases the coins earned per star when completing this game. Instead of getting 5 coins per star, you will get 250 coins per star. Coinx15,000


StarStarStarStarStar10,000 points
StarStarStarStarStardim5,000 points
StarStarStarStardimStardim3,000 points
StarStarStardimStardimStardim2,000 points
StarStardimStardimStardimStardim1,000 points


Play Time

How much time have you put into Nom-Man?

Probably not enough!

Only spent time in game is counted, hanging out in the menus doesn't count.

Badge bronze 15m 0s
Badge silver 30m 0s
Badge gold 1h 0m 0s
Games Played

The number of times you have played Nom-Man since purchasing this stat

You must finish a game for it to count.

Cost: Coinx1,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 10
Badge silver 50
Badge gold 150
Highest Level Reached

The highest level reached in Nom-Man

Badge bronze 2
Badge silver 4
Badge gold 10
Number of Coins Nom'd

The total number of coins nom'd by Nom-Man

Cost: Coinx1,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 100
Badge silver 1,000
Badge gold 10,000
Number of Diamonds Nom'd

The total number of diamonds nom'd by Nom-Man.

Cost: Coinx1,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 10
Badge silver 100
Badge gold 1,000
Number of Squares Nom'd

The total number of squares nom'd by Nom-Man

Cost: Coinx1,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 4
Badge silver 8
Badge gold 32
Upgrades Nom'd

The total number of upgrades nom'd by Nom-Man.

Cost: Coinx1,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 4
Badge silver 8
Badge gold 32
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