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How to Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are a way for you to unlock coins, credits, and upgrades by entering in a secret code.

Where To Get Them

Sunday Redeem Riddles

Each Sunday, a Redeem Riddle is released in the Messages section. Many of the Sunday riddle answers can be found on the Sunday Redeem Riddle Answers page.

Taptitude Tuesday

Each Tuesday, a Redeem Code is released on Taptitude's Facebook page. These codes are date based (for example, the code on April 9, 2013 would be "facebook4913") and must be redeemed within 7 days.

Mystic Square

Winning a game of Mystic Square may give you a Redeem Code.

Other Codes

The Bros will occasionally release promotional codes or other codes on Twitter or in the Messages section.

Code Prize
fbliketaptitude Coinsx10,000, PaperPaper
firstcode Coinsx5,000, Top Hat, Mega Drillx5 Mega Drill
followmrandypuppy Coinsx5,000, Afro Hair, Stencil, Mega Drillx5 Mega Drill
followwpsauce Coinsx5,000, Afro Hair, Stencil, Mega Drillx5 Mega Drill
freecode Fish
glance1year Coinsx10,000, Remote Detonatorx10 Remote Detonator, Magnetx10 Magnet, DragonDragon, x2 CatCat, Treex3 Tree, Darknessx50 Darkness
nickgravelyn Coinsx5,000, Googly Eyes, Remote Detonatorx10 Remote Detonator, Magnetx10 Magnet, Auto Drillx25 Auto Drill
michaelgillett Coinsx10,000, Mega Drillx10 Mega Drill
promowpcentral Coinsx5,000, Sexy Mouth, Mega Combos, Auto Drillx25 Auto Drill
rate5stars ??? (inactive)
secondcode Fish
sorrycodedude Coinsx50,000
tweetsupporter34 Coinsx5,000, King's Crown
watsonrocks Coinsx5,000, Afro Hair, Stencil, Mega Drillx5 Mega Drill