How To Play


The game begins when you place a finger inside of the white circle.

Don't lift your finger! You have to remain inside the circle for as long as possible.


  • If this game frustrates you, try using your middle finger.
  • Brandon's Pro-Tip: When the circle flashes green it's time to change directions.
  • Tyler Says: Cleaner screens are easier to slide your finger on.
  • The circle speeds up and shrinks as time goes on.
  • Tip from Nate: The circle becomes red as you near the edge, move to the center!
  • Press firmly on the screen, you'll lose if you let up.


Stay Inside Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Fat Finger With Fat Finger enabled, the game has larger circles making it easier to play. Coinx5,000

General Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Auto Submit Auto Submit can be purchased for each game, and once enabled your scores in this game will automatically be submitted to local and online leaderboards. Coinx250
VIP Pass VIP Pass can be purchased for each game and when it is enabled you get to skip the countdown before playing that game! Coinx500
Star Power Star Power increases the coins earned per star when completing this game. Instead of getting 5 coins per star, you will get 250 coins per star. Coinx15,000


StarStarStarStarStar25 seconds
StarStarStarStarStardim20 seconds
StarStarStarStardimStardim15 seconds
StarStarStardimStardimStardim10 seconds
StarStardimStardimStardimStardim5 seconds


Play Time

How much time have you put into Stay Inside?

Probably not enough!

Only spent time in game is counted, hanging out in the menus doesn't count.

Badge bronze 15m 0s
Badge silver 30m 0s
Badge gold 1h 0m 0s
Games Played

The number of times you have played Stay Inside since purchasing this stat

You must finish a game for it to count.

Cost: Coinx1,000 or Creditx1

Badge bronze 10
Badge silver 50
Badge gold 150


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