Answers to the Sunday Redeem Riddles:


Date Answer Prize
08/18/13 bank Coinx15,000 Craftitude ingredient goldenguppyx1 Golden Guppy Creditx2
08/11/13 echo Coinx30,000, Creditx2
08/04/13 cold Coinx15,000 Slowmox30 Slow Mo, Creditx2
07/28/13 stinkerbell Coinx15,000 Craftitude ingredient phoenixdownx1 Phoenix Down, Creditx2
07/21/13 purple Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient spiritx100 Spirit, Creditx2
07/14/13 shadow Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient darknessx1,500 Darkness, Creditx2
07/07/13 meat Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient lambx2 Lamb, Creditx2
06/30/13 slippers Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient wormx15 Worm, x2 Credit

Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient virusx30 Virus, x2 Credit


Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient forestx2 Forest, x2 Credit


Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient treex5 Tree, x2 Credit


Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient bluebirthpillx10 Blue Birth Pill, x2 Credit


Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient waterx100 Water, x2 Credit
05/19/13 coffin Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient soilx5 Soil , Craftitude ingredient wormx5 Worm, x2 Credit


stars Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient darknessx100 Darkness, x2 Credit
05/05/13 wind Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient airx100 Air, x2 Credit
04/28/13 mushroom Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient fungusx8 Fungus, x2 Credit
04/21/13 lounger Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient bluebirthpillx10 Blue Birth Pill, x2 Credit
04/14/2013 library Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient bacteriax30 Bacteria, x2 Credit
04/07/2013 silence Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient phoenixdownPhoenix Down, x2 Credit
03/31/2013 mirror Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient toolTool, x2 Credit
03/24/2013 beetle Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient toolTool, x2 Credit
03/17/2013 shamrock Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient violetViolet, x2 Credit
03/10/2013 investigator Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient tulipTulip, x2 Credit


Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient roseRose, x2 Credit

02/24/2013 lots Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient earthx20 Earth, Craftitude ingredient megadrillMega Drill, x2 Credit
02/17/2013 envelope Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient firex30 Fire, x2 Credit
02/10/2013 watermelon Coinx15,000, Craftitude ingredient phoenixdownPhoenix Down, x2 Credit
02/03/2013 arctica Coinx20,000, Craftitude ingredient waterx30 Water, x2 Credit
01/27/2013 glass Coinx20,000, Craftitude ingredient glassx2 Glass, x2 Credit
01/20/2013 hospedal Coinx20,000, Craftitude ingredient megadrillx5 Mega Drill, x2 Credit
01/13/2013 yardstick Coinx20,000, Magnetx15 Magnet, x2 Credit
01/06/2013 rules Coinx20,000, Craftitude ingredient megadrillx5 Mega Drill, x2 Credit


Date Answer Prize
12/30/2012 chalkboard Coin20,000, x10 Seed, Tree, x2 Credit
12/23/2012 noel Coin20,000, x1 Rose, x1 Tulip, x1 Violet, x2 Credit
12/16/2012 crane Coin20,000, x3 Bird, x2 Credit



Coin20,000, x1 monkey, x2 Credit

12/02/2012 attire Coin10,000, x10 Elixir of Health, x10 Elixir of Mana, x2 Credit
11/25/2012 pilgrims Coin10,000, x2 Phoenix Down, x2 Credit
11/18/2012 stumped Coin20,000, x50 Plankton, x2
11/11/2012 snowball Coin20,000, x100 Spirit, x2 Credit
11/04/2012 neighsayer Coin50,000, x2 Credit
10/28/2012 nobody Coin5,000, x20 Darkness, x30 Double Jump, x2 Credit
10/21/2012 plumpkin Coin5,000, x20 Spirit, x50 Double Jump , 2x Credit
10/14/2012 spring Coin5,000, x150 Darkness, x150 Light, 2x Credit
10/07/2012 positive Coin5,000, x3 Mega Drill, x2 Credit
09/30/2012 brass Coin5,000, x20 Health Potion, x20 Stamina Potion, x20 Magic Potion
09/23/2012 frostbite Coin5,000, x5 Worm, x2 Credit
09/16/2012 fsh Coin5.000, x4 Blue Birth Pill, x2 Credit
09/09/2012 butterfly Coin5,000, x3 Paper, x2 Credit
09/02/2012 ohio Coin15,000, x2 Credit
08/26/2012 board Coin10,000, x2 Credit
08/19/2012 jellyfish Coin10,000, x1 Forest, x3 Cat, x1,000 Gluon
08/12/2012 bark Coin10,000, x4 Tree, x2 Dog


Coin20,000, x50 Light, x50 Darkness, x50 Water
07/29/2012 wheels Coin20,000, x50 Air, x50 Nature, x50 Fire
07/22/2012 goose Coin20,000 , x50 Darkness, x50 Light, x50 Energy



Coin20,000 , x50 Spirit, x50 Earth, x50 Air

07/08/2012 david Coin20,000 , x50 Fire, x50 Nature, x50 Water
07/01/2012 dinomite Coin50,000
06/24/2012 donkey Coin50,000
06/17/2012 thirtysix Coin50,000
06/10/2012 taptitude Coin10,000, x20 Virus, x5 Worm, x1 Snake, x1 Tree
06/03/2012 racecar Coin10,000, x10 Spirit, Monkey recipe, Human recipe, Tree recipe
05/27/2012 spain Coin25,000, x20 Fire
05/20/2012 honeycomb Coin10,000, x20 Mega Drill
05/13/2012 bedbug Coin10,000, x6 Dog, Dog recipe, x4 Human, Human recipe, x2 Mermaid, Mermaid recipe
05/06/2012 watchdog Coin5,000, x1 General, General recipe
04/27/2012 jackpot Coin10,000, x5 Human, x1 Mermaid
04/22/2012 tulip Coin20,000, x10 Mega Drill
04/15/2012 carpool Coin10,000, Dragon, Minotaur, Hydra
04/08/2012 hareplane Coin30,000, x5 Fire, x5 Water, x5 Nature, x5 Spirit
04/01/2012 bearhands Coin30,000
03/25/2012 eggzam Coin10,000, x25 Fire, x25 Water, x25 Nature
03/18/2012 eggdrop Coin30,000
03/11/2012 tweetment Coin10,000, Darkness recipe, Virus recipe, Worm recipe, Guppy recipe
03/04/2012 time Coin15,000,Virus recipe, Glass recipe
02/26/2012 cheetah Coin10,000, Energy recipe, Atom recipe, Water recipe, Nature recipe, Bacteria recipe, Guppy recipe
02/19/2012 fingernail Coin10,000, x10 Phoenix Down , x10 Mega Drill
02/12/2012 flies Coin100,000
02/05/2012 surprise Coin10,000, x5 Phoenix Down, Solid Base, Quick Thrower

Coin10,000, Shovel
? fire Coin10,000, Pumpkin Hat, x10 Phoenix Down
? sun Fish
? towel Coin5,000, Heart Breaker, x20 Treasure Key
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