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Taptitude frequently updates, come back here or check the marketplace to find all the goodies. For a listing of previous updates check out our Previous Updates page.

  • v11.61 August 20 2013
  • v11.6 August 14 2013
  • v11.5 July 30 2013
    • New leaderboard icon options.
  • V11.4 July 19 2013
  • V11.3 July 9, 2013
  • V11.2 June 28, 2013
    • New Recipes
    • Minor bug fixes
  • v11.1 June 14, 2013
  • v11.0 May 28, 2013

Taptitude is a free game which can be downloaded on your Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows 8 system, Android device, iPhone or iPad. It includes a large variety of mini games with a system of coins, upgrades, and stats that link them all together. It is also updated every week with a new game and new features!

This wiki will be used to document all of the games, upgrades, stats, and strategies for playing Taptitude. Use this guide to climb to the top of the world leaderboards!

If you don't yet have Taptitude, then what is your problem? Go over to the Windows Phone Marketplace/Google Play/App Store and Download It Now! and check out the Official Site! Unofficial version can be downloaded to PC from here

More than 1,000,000 downloads and growing.


Rellik66 Rellik66 4 September 2013

All updates are on hiatus

From the Taptitude Facebook page:

"Taptitude is currently on a hiatus from updating and messaging (including facebook/riddles). The last message you should have received was on 8/18"

No mention of why …

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Rellik66 Rellik66 26 August 2013

Late Sunday Redeem Riddles

Seems like this is the second week in a row that the Sunday redeem riddle has been late.  No official explanation from what I can tell.

I also have had a late Taptitude Tuesday redeem code in the past…

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Redeem CodesRedeem Codes

Current Redeem Riddle


Where do fish keep their money?

Answer: bank

The Taptitude crew loves their redeem codes. You can get redeem codes by solving riddles, filing bug reports or spreading the word using email or Twitter. They've been known sometimes to help out a faithful tapper who loses their game data by sharing a few extra one time codes as well. Such nice guys!

Sunday Redeem Riddles

Every Sunday a new redeem riddle is released as a message in game. For a list of older riddles see the Sunday Redeem Riddles page. All past riddle answers can be redeemed at any time.

Mystic Square

Playing Mystic Square will sometimes give a fortune which provides a redeem code that can be used to get some great swag.

Spread the Word

Using the built-in email template to send your friends information about Taptitude will net you a one time redeem code. The FourBros will see your email and send you your redeem code.

Sharing on Twitter can also net you a redeem code but you have to let the FourBros know. Make sure you follow #taptitude first so they can privately send you your redeem codes.

Facebook Tuesdays

Visit Taptitude's Facebook page every Tuesday for a limited time redeem code

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